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Wills and Probate

Wills & Probate: Welcome

Decades of expertise in Wills and Probate

When it comes to Will writing, we always recommend that you seek advice from a professional law firm. Doing so will give you the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes. Whether you want to make provisions for funeral arrangements or want to leave special possessions to specific people, we can help.

In addition to helping you with your Will, we provide a full probate service. Please contact us for more information in this regard.

We can also assist you in making a Lasting Power of Attorney, giving you the assurance that your financial and healthcare needs will be managed by a trusted individual in the event that you lose the mental capacity to make decisions. Please contact us today to discuss making your Lasting Power of Attorney. 

Wills & Probate: Text
Lasting Power of Attorney

Our Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate services cover:

  • Advice on Wills

  • Preparation of a Will

  • Legal services for Trusts

  • Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Applying for a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration

  • Estate Administration

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Financial Affairs

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare

Wills & Probate: Practices
Wills & Probate: Text
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Probate Fees

Probate fees and key stages of the probate application process


How much does this service cost?

Applying for Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration

The cost is dependent on the individual circumstances including the assets in the estate, the value of the estate, the number of beneficiaries and whether there is any inheritance tax payable. In cases where there is a valid Will, no disputes, no inheritance tax payable or no clearance certificate to be obtained from HMRC, then an estimate of our costs would be £1250.00 plus VAT and Disbursements.

If your case is more complex than the above, please contact us to arrange an appointment where we can provide you with an estimate of our costs based on your individual circumstances.

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Disbursement are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties.

Typically, disbursements involved in the probate process are:

  • Probate application fee of approximately £155 (subject to variation)

  • Land registry fees for obtaining title copies of a property: approximately £6.

probate fees disbursements

Estate Administration

There is a separate charge for realising and distributing the assets. This depends upon the nature of those assets and the number of beneficiaries.


For a typical case where there is a valid Will, no more than one property, three bank/building society accounts and no more than two/three beneficiaries, then our fees would be approximately £550 plus VAT. This figure assumes there are no shareholdings to be dealt with and that the property is not being sold or transferred.

In addition, there will be a charge based on the value of the estate. This is because the value is a reflection of the importance of the matter and consequently the responsibility of the firm. Therefore, we will also charge 1% of the gross value of the estate.

probate fees estate admin

Key stages:

  • Take instructions, give advice, obtain Will, Death Certificate and relevant papers

  • Obtain details of the assets/liabilities of the estate

  • Prepare HMRC account

  • Preparing oath and Legal Statement, and have these signed

  • Lodging papers with the Probate Registry

  • Reporting to you with the Grant of Representation

  • Collecting assets and discharging liabilities

  • Preparing accounts and obtaining your approval thereto

  • Distributing estate

probate fees stages

Contact Penmans to discuss your will-writing and probate application requirements

probate fees
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